What Supplements Do I Take?

What Supplements Do I Take? by Angela Stengler MS, NMD

Important for my health

First step is to get a weekly pill organizer. I have four of them and it helps me monitor how consistent I am taking my supplements throughout the month. It also takes the guess work out of “Did I remember to take this supplement?” For example, because I check my vitamin D levels twice a year, I will change the dose and number of times I take my vitamin D. At this time, I am taking 5000 IU Vitamin D3/K2 three times a week with a meal because my levels are optimal. Since I suffer from Autoimmune Thyroiditis, and check my thyroid panel twice a year, I am motivated to continue taking my Selenium 3 times per week and my myo-inositol daily to control my thyroid antibodies. I also take one capsule daily of Thyroid Wellness. I have been able to decrease my thyroid medication throughout the years, and as long as I see and feel improvement in my labs, energy and overall health, I will continue these supplements. Fish Oil is an important part of my daily supplement protocol. Although I try to increase my omega 3 fatty acid intake through diet with salmon and ground flax seed, I want to keep my blood levels optimal for cardiovascular health. This is another blood test I monitor yearly.

Digestion is the key to optimal energy and immune function

In terms of digestive health, I can always count on dlg/glutamine/aloe when I have eaten something that causes heartburn. When I travel I bring along that supplement, in addition to a daily probiotic. I like our Mega Flora probiotic, and I take my probiotic at night—always after I eat out and always when traveling. This is one supplement that I do not keep in my pill box. To keep my fiber content up, I regularly consume organic flax meal as well as a fiber supplement that contains apple fiber and oat hull.

After work?? There’s always more work to do!

When I know it’s time for me to focus, but I have a ton of work to do and a lot of stress, I will chew on a CBD Calm gummie. My other option is to take powdered magnesium. Both of these supplements help relax my nerves, they are safe and non habit forming, and I can use them as needed. Are there other supplements or herbs that I use? Yes, and they change with regards to my current health, stress, and sleep patterns. These include: glutathione plus, an organic antioxidant greens product, and a hormone balancing supplement. This is one reason I love the monthly pill organizer, as I can change my supplements depending upon my needs.