Homeopathy — First Aid at a glance!

Homeopathy is one of those therapies that can be safely used in all stages of life including infancy, pregnancy, nursing, and beyond.
by Angela Stengler MS, NMD

Homeopathy is not used or prescribed like drugs or herbs. However, we can use homeopathy in acute situations based on some key symptoms. Below are some common first aid remedies you can purchase and feel safe about giving to your family when needed. This is not a replacement for a visit to your health care professional or local urgent care when needed.

30c strength is easy to find at the health food store, but some remedies (such as arnica, calendula and chamomile) can be found in a topical preparation and by itself in a pellet. With kids under 3, I put one pellet in water and have them take one teaspoon of the liquid.

Apis 30c: Use Apis after a puncture wound (like a bee sting) if the wound feels warm or hot and has a stinging feeling with a lot of swelling. Cold applications usually help the stinging pains.

Arnica 30c: This is the top medicine for bruises and trauma to soft tissue.

Arsenicum 30c: This remedy is used for many GI symptoms, especially vomiting, diarrhea, and pain. Usually, the person is very tired from being sick and is restless with fear and anxiety. Nausea can also be present. Symptoms are usually improved by warm drinks.

Belladonna 30C: This homeopathic is used a lot for children. It is one of the best medicines to use for a sudden fever that includes a red flushed face, hot skin, and glassy eyes. The skin can be very hot to the touch.

Calendula: This herb can be found as part of a gel, lotion, salve, or homeopathic preparation in a pellet, or part of a combination homeopathic topical ointment. It is used for cuts, scrapes, or burns.

Chamomile 30C: This is the homeopathic preparation of the chamomile herb we all love that helps us relax after a long day. We use homeopathic chamomile for conditions such as: when a baby is teething or suffering from colic (you may notice this homeopathic in the teething tablets available over the counter). While you are waiting for a dental appointment this remedy is useful for extreme tooth pain that is better in the cold air but worse from warm food or warm drinks. It is also helpful for insomnia due to irritability.

Ledum 30c: Ledum is used for puncture wounds, especially when there is swelling, redness and throbbing pain. This remedy is also indicated for ankle sprains when the area feels cold and numb.

Nux Vomica 30c: Nux Vomica is indicated with digestive upset caused by mental exertion, overeating, food sensitivities, alcohol or coffee. Symptoms may include heartburn, nausea, burping, headache, cramping, irritability, and drowsiness.

Sulphur 30C: Sulphur is helpful for most skin conditions including contact dermatitis and rashes that are usually worse at night and when it is warm. Increased itching and burning may occur after scratching.

Angela Stengler MS, NMD